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  • Audience Demographics

  • Southern Gospel Music reaches:

  • Churches!  Business Owners!  Growing families! 

  • People who trust southern gospel advertisers!
    * Over 70% say they feel better about shopping with an advertiser who advertises in Christian media.

    * 73% say they would shop with a business that advertises on Christian radio.

  • * Almost 40% of listeners say they believe that Christian media endorse their advertisers.
  • Growing families
    *Over half of listeners are heads of households, nearly a quarter are grandparents, and almost half of the listeners are in households with children under 18 years of age.  The majority of children are in their teens, meaning these families are at their peak period of incurring family-related expenses (lots of groceries, lots of clothing, extra automobiles, etc.).
  • Traditional Family Values!
    * Southern gospel audiences have the highest percentage of stay-at-home moms among all Christian radio formats. Plus, over 80% of listeners are married – by far the greatest percentage among all Christian radio formats.  Compare this with a national average of 60%.  Furthermore, the listeners have the lowest rate of divorce among all Christian formats.
  • 25-54 year olds
    Nearly 80% of the audience is in this age bracket.  Twenty-five percent of the audience is 25-34 years old, thirty-one percent are 35-44 and twenty-three percent are 4-54 years of age.  Gender-wise, there’s fairly equal male/female distribution with 53% of the audience comprised of males and 47% comprised of females.
  • Growing families...Churches…Solid family values.  That’s the valuable southern gospel audience reached with Faith Radio

Source:  Soma Communications Media and Market Reports